Home Inspection Process

So, you've found your dream home in the Twin Cities, MN, and your offer has been accepted. Congratulations!  Now it is time for you to find a Home Inspector in the Twin Cities Metro area. In Minnesota, a home inspection typically occurs after you've signed a purchase agreement you should find a document Home Inspection Addendum that will state the number of days to get your new to you home inspected.    This home inspection addendum is powerful after the home inspector completes your home inspection, you will have many options to proceed with, we suggest having your Real Estate agent guide you on how to proceed.

It's important to make the purchase agreement contingent upon the results of the home inspection, as prudent homebuyers often do. If the home inspector finds a major issue, you as the home buyer will have a few options: buy it as is, back out of the sale, request repairs as a contingency, or offer a lower price to take the repairs into account, and your Buyers agent may even have more options for you.

During a home inspection which can last from 2 to 4 hours depending on the age and size of the home you are purchasing, the inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of the entire accessible and visible house, from top to bottom. They'll pay special attention to the roof (when not covered in snow and ice which will obscure the home inspector's view of the roof), attic, basement, foundations, furnace rooms, walls, plumbing and electrical systems, heating and cooling systems, and more. The home inspector will also inspect other parts of the home like appliances, range hoods, bathroom fans, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for defects and document them in the home inspection report.

In addition to the interior inspection of the house, the home inspector will also inspect the exterior of the home (condo inspectons and townhome inspections don't include exterior home inspections, because they are often covered by the hoa (home owners association, check with your home buyers agent to review the documents as to what is and isn't covered on your condo or townhome purchase.) for signs of failing paint, holes in siding, broken windows.  The home inspector will inspect visible and accessible trims, siding, caulking around windows and doors, and egress windows.

When it comes to what to look for in a home inspection, the home inspector will need easy access to all areas of the property. Any clutter that impedes access to areas or systems may not be inspected, inspectors aren't able to move tenant items around.   Which could impede access to attic spaces, craw spaces and other important areas of the home you are buying.

The home inspector will also check if the interior doors work and door locks function well.

On average, a home inspection in the Twin Cities, MN, ranges between $300 to $500. The age of the home and its size can determine the price of a home inspection.

In general, a home inspection will take around two hours to complete. However, this depends on the size of the home, the age, the condition, and if you require any additional services, such as mold testing.

Most Home Inspectors really encourage the homebuyer to be present at the house inspection so they can have a better understanding of the home they are buying. Any questions and concerns can be answered on the spot and explained in more detail. Written down on a report, such findings may appear worse than they are.

Keep in mind that every home has its unique features and characteristics, and during the inspection process, the inspector may identify areas that need some attention. However, it's essential to remember that there are also many positive aspects of your home that won't be highlighted during the inspection.

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